Use Forms To Streamline GCSE Option Choices

"“I looked down to see a plastic wallet filled with folded; torn and juice-stained A4 pieces of paper. Surely this isn’t the smartest way to work?” - @_MrSykes_

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Since taking my first jump into the world of all things Google, I can’t help but smile every time I heard that word as I see another way to make use of Google Forms and all that it has to offer, and today was no exception!

The morning I received the email and asked the class to make sure they had completed their GCSE option forms ASAP, I was handed a few pieces of paper by different pupils,  - each one providing the information from which the next chapter in these pupils’ education would be formed. I looked down at the desk in front of me to see a plastic wallet filled with folded; torn and juice-stained A4 pieces of paper. Surely this isn’t the smartest way to work? 

I took it upon myself to see what I could come up with to try and make this process a little smarter, and not harder for the pupils, guardians, form tutors and SLT involved.

Naturally I went to Google Forms.  

The first question asks users to enter their email address, a feature within the GForm settings:

Having an email address will mean you can send a confirmation of the options choices to the pupil’s guardian automatically! (We’ll come to this later)

The second question asks the pupils form they are in. The response they gives takes them to their form-group register. This process can be done using these 4 easy steps:

1. Add the numbers of sections to match how many tutor groups you have & name them accordingly

Make the question multiple choice & enter the tutor group names

3. Click the three dots in the bottom right corner

4. Select ‘Go to section based on answer & select the appropriate section

Then, for each of the sections, you can embed each tutor groups’ register via the simple to use formRanger add-on. This approach has two benefits:

1. Pupils can select their names far quicker than having to trawl through 220+ names

2. Form tutors/SLT can filter the Google Sheet by form group to check who has   responded.

From then, it’s quite simple: the pupils choose each of their 4 respective option choices from separate drop-down menus, followed by their 2 reserve choices in the same section. Having all of these questions in 1 section allows pupils and their guardians to view all 6 options at once to (hopefully) avoid picking the same option twice.

In the final section, before submitting their choices, pupils and their guardians are asked to confirm 3 questions to further highlight the steps they should’ve taken during the process. To ensure they agree with the statements provided you should turn on the ‘Required’ option at the bottom of the questions (as you should with every other question within the Form)

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Once they’ve agreed with the 3 statements, they’ll click to submit their responses and automatically receive a confirmation report within a matter of seconds via the FormMule add-on within Google Sheets.

Watch Adam’s Screencast here to see how it’s done.

Once your first response is submitted, the data captured will be transported into a Google Sheet which will start to look something like this:

In order to make sense of the data, a simple ‘=CountIF’ function will allow you to quickly count how many pupils have opted for each subject & produce a neat image like the one below:

If you’re unfamiliar or lacking in confidence regarding formulas in Sheets, use Google Sheets’ new explore feature to help you along the way!

I am continuing to tweak different ideas, both within the Form and the joining Google Sheet so if you’d like to ask any questions, suggest any alterations or just have a chat be sure to join me in the Academy

Joe Sykes is a newly qualified teacher, currently teaching Physical Education at a secondary school in the Lake District, UK. He is a Google Level 1&2 educator. 

You can follow him on Twitter @_MrSykes_.