Early 2017, I had a vision that I wanted to bring to life. I had sat in numerous full school PD sessions and thought to myself 'how does this help me as a PE teacher?' or thought 'that is great, but how can I get that to work in PE'. I found the majority of all school PD sessions didn't cater for PE teachers and I wanted to change that. I had been working with Google tools for a number of years and decided to apply for the Google Innovation Academy. The Google Innovation Academy currently has over 1500 passionate educators 'who are looking into designing creative solutions to some of the world's toughest challenges in education'. More information about the Academy can be found here: Click Here

"True Change Is Driven By Innovative Leaders - GoogleEI "

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I found out there was well over 350 applicants from across the world and they only picked 35! I was one of those 35, felt honoured to be a part of this unique group! People from across the globe were about to travel to the Google offices in London, with one member of the group travelling from New Zealand! My idea was to try and help PE teachers become more efficient practitioners by using technology in their practice with a focus on GSuite. I spent three days down in London working with other passionate educators who wanted to create a project that would help change education in their school or the wider community.

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My project had first started off as a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) for PE teachers and using a number of Google Tools to administrate the course. I had started playing with the idea and after using Google Classroom before in lessons and trying to help teachers through GClassroom4PE I started to weigh the positives and the negatives of using that as a platform and decided that it could be utilised so much, but there was something always missing from what I wanted to achieve. During the same time, I was studying my Masters in PE and Sport Pedagogy at The University of Birmingham and within one module we had been talking about Communities of Practice (Lave & Wenger, 1991). According to Wenger a Community of Practice can be defined as 'groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly'...This is what I wanted to achieve and didn't think Classroom was going to be able to give me everything that I envisaged in a platform. I started looking into a number of options and how I could develop something that was of value to my Physed community and over the past 3/4 months the project has really taken shape and will continue too over the years.

"ChargedUP Education was created with an emphasise of helping teachers to become more efficient in their practice."

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I envisage a community that can ask questions to help improve their own practice, learn at a time that suits them, like a workshop environment that you can access at a time that is suitable for you, if you are unsure on a topic you can go back over lessons and use it as learning resource to make YOU a more efficient classroom practitioner. Imagine creating a quiz that can grade itself or writing a unit plan with your whole department, all editing and commenting at the same time or even automating your emails for when you are out of the office! Yes, these are all things that YOU can achieve and I am going to show you how to in the Academy!

"I look forward to working with you and helping you to be the best teacher you can be." - @mradampe

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